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Colombian Cocaine – In the 1980s, the Colombian government began to crack down on drug traffickers. This led to a violent response from the traffickers, resulting in the creation of a new social class of criminals that were not just involved in drugs, but also in extortion, kidnapping, murder, money laundering, and political corruption. These criminal organizations became known as the “Bacrim” because of the acronym of their name: Bandas Criminales de las Américas (BCA) or simply BACRIMs (or Bacrims). The term bacrim comes from the Spanish word Bajar meaning “to lower”. The term bacrim came about because the BACRIMs were the lowest level of organized crime in Colombia. The BACRIMs are responsible for many of the murders in Colombia today.

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Buy Colombian cocaine – In 2001, Colombia became the second largest producer of coca after Peru. Between 2000 and 2010, the country produced an average of 2,500 tons of coca each year. The value of the cocaine market is around $30 billion in U.S. currency. Colombia has become the third biggest supplier of cocaine in the world, behind Mexico and Peru, and produces about 40 percent of the world’s coca.

Cocaine production causes significant harm to the environment, including deforestation and soil erosion, as well as chemical pollution and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. These problems are difficult to address because the traffickers are wealthy and powerful.

Buy Colombian cocaine – Cocaine production is an industry that provides jobs for many Colombians. However, there are negative consequences to the country’s economy. Some people get addicted to drugs and lose their jobs when they cannot pay their drug debts. Additionally, the country’s GDP goes down because of the loss of tax revenue due to a large number of addicts.

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In Colombia, the average price of cocaine is around $1,500 per gram. If you buy 5 grams at once, the price drops to about $75. However, if you buy 10 grams at once, the cost drops to just under $100. To sell 1 kilogram of cocaine in Australia costs around $10,000. If you sell 1 kilogram in the U.S., the profit is estimated to be around $60,000.

Coca growers are fighting back against the eradication efforts by planting new crops. Authorities are also trying to curtail coca cultivation by eradicating plants and, until recently spraying chemicals over areas where coco fields are most prevalent. Yet, Colombia had a record cocaine production of 1,380 tons in 2017. According to the Colombian Defense Ministry, it destroyed about 80,000 hectares of Coca and seized more than 400 tonnes of cocaine in 2018.

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There are many countries around the world that disagree about how to deal with the illegal drug trade. Some countries prefer crop substitution and rural development while others favor repressive measures like forced eradication and chemical spraying. These differences have led to different counternarcotic strategies. Buy Colombian cocaine online